SBMT: Day 4

Posted On March 17, 2010

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The weather this morning was lousy, cloudy and raining, so the planned events at the beach did not come to pass.  Instead we worked two sessions of the Hotline number.

This evening we had the opportunity to pick up the same group of students twice.  We dropped them off at one club and an hour-and-a-half later they called our phone and asked if we could take them to another club.  So we went to get them and the conversation was revolving around some drama at the previous club.  Carol was able to speak some REAL truth to the girls and it literally stopped the convesation and tears came to this girls eyes.

The club we dropped her off at has our van rides there after the club closes so she will get into another van tonight.  If you read this tonight, pray for this young lady and her friends and the people in the next van ride.

In the first ride Tim and Josh spoke with a guy named Brian (not the driver) and in the next van ride Brandon and Josh visited with  him. Pray that God continues to work in his heart.  He expressed interest in coming to the pancake breakfast so there may be other opoortunities.

Brooke update:   Amanda was able to have a short text message conversation about making sure that her friend got back.  We are leaving the next step to her to continue the conversation this week.  Pray that she contacts Amanda.


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