God’s Word Rules

Posted On January 24, 2014

Filed under Information

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Thoughts from the group discussion
  • People search for meaning in their lives.
  • Common places people look for answers to life questions: Google, friends, family, their own feelings.
  • God’s Word is perfect and powerful
  • The Bible is more than a poetry collection or a history book or science text.
  • You can’t find basketball rules in a volleyball handbook! (And you cannot find answers to life questions in the wrong places.)


Why do we resist God’s Word as the ultimate authority in our lives?
  • We do not like what it says
  • We do not understand it
  • Laziness – We want to just go by our gut feelings
  • It takes too long to get an response
  • Pride – We do not want to admit we do not know everything
Random, “you-had-to-be-there” quote of the night:
(After turning to 2 Peter 3:16)
“Hey, there’s a C.S. Lewis quote in here!”



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