Ready, Set, Go!

Posted On August 5, 2013

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The school year is about to begin (move-in is NEXT week) and we are set for a relaunch of ministry once again.

There will be some staff changes this year…

Clay is still the campus pastor at CrossPoint and will be returning to help with worship.

Pennie still works at the vision center and doing children’s ministry at CrossPoint and she will be returning to CCF staff this year.

After much prayer, Carol is “retiring” from college ministry to follow God’s leading in a different ministry and family life direction. We are very sad to see her leave (she has been a part of CCF for 15 years) but we know that this is where God is moving and we support her wholeheartedly.

As some of you are aware, Brian got married this summer. He and Abby were exploring if there was another place that God wanted to move them. It became clear that He wanted them right here at Barton so Brian is back and Abby will be joining the staff.

This upcoming year of ministry will definitely have a new look and feel and we are very excited to see what God has in store.


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