CCF Summer 2012 Devo #1 – The Road

Posted On May 24, 2012

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The Road

As the summer begins and I reflect upon my plans over the next two months, I think about all the time I will spend on the road.  Traveling between Great Bend, Tulsa, Indiana, Coffeyville and other places, I will be spending a majority of my summer looking out a windshield logging many miles on the road.

As I read through encounters Jesus had in his ministry, many of them happened while He was traveling on the road.  Think about it: Zacchaeus, the two guys on the road to Emmaus, and even Jesus’ encounter with Saul on the road to Damascus.  Healings took place while Jesus was on the road like the woman with bleeding, the lame walking and when Bartimaeus received his sight.

I will be writing devotionals throughout the summer but I want to plan an overarching series of them where we look at some of these encounters that Jesus had on the road.  We’ll see the compassion that Jesus had for people, the challenge of having faith and courage, we’ll see joy and encouragement in the midst of heartache, and being obedient when things are tough.

The Romans developed the road system in the ancient world.  They constructed these roads for military purposes to move soldiers and equipment quickly.  I find it fascinating that God chose that time to send the Messiah. God used those same roads so that Jesus could travel easily, and ultimately use those roads for the spread of the Gospel after Jesus resurrection and ascension.

As I have been studying these different encounters Jesus had on the road, I find that God’s timing is perfect.  God put Jesus at the right time and right place to meet up with that person that needed to hear from the Father.

So where has Got put you right now this summer?  Who is on your road or who will you come across on your road that needs to hear from the Father this summer?  God’s timing is perfect and He has put you right where you’re at for a reason.

One of our graduates is leaving next week for a summer long mission project to San Diego where he will be working and ministering to college students and helping start ministries on college campuses.  Our worship leader is headed to Guatemala for a week in June on a mission trip.

You don’t have to be traveling long distances to do what God is calling you to do.  What about the coworkers that you have for your summer job or your family/friends in your hometown?  Those folks need to hear from the Father too.  Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and respond to God as He points out the people on your road that need to hear from Him.


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