CCF Summer 2012 Welcome Message

Posted On May 18, 2012

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This poor little blog has been neglected for a while. Now that summer is here and we are taking a break in the student ministry, I have more time to write. I will be posting the devotionals that I write and send out to students on this blog throughout the summer.

Please be praying for the ministry throughout the summer. Let the student ministry be a daily prayer item for you in your daily quiet time. Here are some ideas of what to pray for:

  • Incoming Freshmen
    • Who are already Christians: pray that they will have the courage to take a stand for Christ, see the importance of having Christian fellowship through involvement in CCF, and that the Lord will protect them from the temptations and “bad” elements of campus life.
    • Who are NOT Christians: that the Lord will prepare their hearts over the summer for the Gospel, that the Lord will cause them to question and search for Him and that God will connect Christians in CCF with them.
  • Returning students
    • Who were active in the ministry last year: pray that the summer will be a time of refreshment and continuing to grow in their walk with God.
    • Who were NOT a part of CCF last year: pray that God will get their attention this summer, pray that we will have opportunities to connect with them and that they will have a responsive heart to God.
  • Ministry
    • Staff (Brian, Carol, Leroy, Clay and Pennie): pray for strength and wisdom; pray that the summer will be a time of refreshing
    • Students: pray that students will find a place to connect with God and other students; that students will grow in their relationship with God becoming more and more like Jesus.
  • Fall Plans
    • Beginning activities: Move-in Day, Thursday meal, Open House, Housing Meeting presentation, etc.
    • Weekly meeting: that they will be a great time of fellowship and the teaching will be engaging and challenging.
    • SafeRide: pray for the training being developed, teams being formed, the students that will use the service and God-honoring conversations happening in the van throughout the year.

In 1 Chronicles 5, the writer is describing the genealogies within the various tribes of Israel. The writer describes very briefly a war between the Hagrites and a few of the tribes of Israel. The writer describes the details but within it is a comment that really stands out. In 1 Chronicles 5: 20b, “He answered their prayers because they trusted in him.” I want to be careful not to expound upon this part of the verse that I take it out of context, but this part of a verse says that at the heart of PRAYER is TRUST. We trust God to work and move through our college ministry on the campus at Barton, and it begins with PRAYER. We can do nothing on our own, so this summer please pray regularly for the campus, students and our ministry.

I’ll post the first devotional next week.


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