SBMT: Day 6

Posted On March 19, 2010

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This will probably be the last post of the mission trip.  Yesterday was a marathon day, we were up over 24 hours straight.  Last night/morning Tim was at the pancake feed; Eddie, Brandon, and Gina rotated through the Hotline and the van;Amanda, Josh, Brian and Carol were in the van.

Last night we met Daniel.  He was grateful for the van service we provide and asked us why we do it.  Carol explained we do it because we love Jesus and Jesus loves him.  He told us his story of getting arrested for drunk driving.  (There is far more to this story than I have the time to write).  He didn’t accept Christ (he wasn’t ready), but we did get the chance to pray with him before he got out of the van.

We are currently packing our bags and we’ll be out the door soon.  Thank you for your prayers this week; we were definitely lifted by them.  Pray for us as we travel home and we’ll share these stories when we get back.


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