SBMT: Day 5

Posted On March 18, 2010

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Our schedule has been so wacky, we really don’t know what ‘day’ it is.  Yesterday morning, we had our students located in all sorts of places: Hotline room (Amanda, Eddie), vans (Brian, Carol, and Gina), pancake breakfast (Tim), and the sand sculpture on Coca-Cola beach (Josh, Brandon).  We started at 8 AM, ate some pancakes then off to our various locations.

The Hotline and van rides were fairly slow so eventually Amanda, Gina, Brian and Carol joined Tim at the pancakes.  One of the things that beach-reachers do at the breakfast is find some Spring Breakers, sit with them, eat and visit trying to turn the conversation to spiritual matters.  Gina and Amanda met a group of girls from KU, Carol met and prayed with a local who was looking for a job, Brian sat down with a fellow from UH(University of Houston).

Since this is Brian writing this post, his name was JR and he and his rugby buddies are in SP.  JR told me a little bit about himself:  he just got full custody of his two-year old son Isaac and his girlfriend/fiancee just cheated on him.  He was greatly hurt because “this is the first girl he really opened himself up to”.  He also said, talking about the pancake breakfast, that “this will probably be the last memory he has of today.”  The reason was he and his friends were heading to Coka-Cola beach to party and he probably wouldn’t remember anything else.  I turned the conversation to Jesus and asked if he has thought much about making a commitment to Christ.  He’s thought about it but wasn’t ready that morning.  Before he left I asked if I could pray for him, and he said sure, so I did.  If the pancake breakfast was his last memory of the day, I wanted to make sure that I prayed for him.  Pray for JR too.

Brooke update:  She needed some help the previous evening, but we were sleeping and didn’t get the message.  We invited her to go to lunch with us today.  Pray that she texts back within the next couple of hours so that we can get together.

Girl from club-to-club:  We finally looked back at our log sheet and we think her name was Rachel.  She called last night and we were asleep again (we had the graveyard shift that started at 3 AM).  We’ve texted her as well and we pray that she responds.


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