SBMT: Day 3

Posted On March 16, 2010

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We started our day at 1 PM because of our late night.  We connected with a group of students from Commerce and UNT.  Josh, Tim, and Brandon went to the beach with some folks who hve experience sharing their faith on the beach and learned a ton.  It was very useful later that evening.  Eddie, Gina and Amanda were dropped off at a busy corner with some other students from Commerce and visited with people and handing out Hotline cards.  Amanda had a 1/2 hour conversation with a girl.  Brian and Carol along with David from UT were in the van driving the main drag giving free rides. 

After worship, we prayed as a team that God would contnue the work that he has started in the college students we’ve met.  That night and early morning, we worked the Hotline.  Tim and Brandon were at the church praying and working the phone lines.  Brian, Carol, Gina, Amanda, Eddie and Josh were in the van.  The van took calls from the Hotline and picked people up and dropped them off from 11 to 3 AM.

One of the people we met was Brooke.  She was actually somebody that we picked up at McDonalds while “fishing” which means we didn’t have a specific assignment.  But yet God did have an assignment for us and that was to meet Brooke.  She told us of her story that night where all her friends left her and she was so thankful for the ride.  We got a chance to visit with her about Christ and prayed for her.  More importantly we exchanged numbers so we will be texting her over the next few days and hopefully meet her again to continue our conversation.  Pray that will take place.


One Response to “SBMT: Day 3”

  1. Andy Jacobs

    Wow! This is totally awesome with what you guys are doing! I am praying for you all! I am on break at work right now and as soon as I get off I am heading to Colorado for my trip. I hope that you all will be able to reach out to Brooke even further! It sounds like you guys are off to a very good start! God Bless, be safe! And don’t get too burnt!

    Love, Peace, Chicken Grease!

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