SBMT: Day 2

Posted On March 15, 2010

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This post is taken from an email Carol wrote to some supporters. Brian made a few adjustments.

“We heard some powerful testimonies tonight in the worship time of students who had been here before … one as a beach-goer, who had been a strong Christian as a child and youth, but really turned against her faith as college freshman and came with her best friend growing – also a Christian-turned-partier. Her friend warned her that when she got on one of the free-ride vans there would be Christians who would try to make her turn back to God, “…but don’t listen to them!” She was so touched by the couple’s love that she couldn’t resist. She didn’t return to Christ right then or even while on the trip, but she did find herself trying to find them again throughout the week. And when she saw the whole group having a worship service on the beach Thurs. night she wanted so much to join them…and it let to her return. She said she just had to come back and bring some of the students from her campus ministry at Mid-America Nazarene!

The other girl was the one who touched someone else two years ago, even as scared and reticent as she was. The girl’s life was totally changed and the girl is still in close touch…she couldn’t come herself. But, she called and said, “Karen, when you guys go down there, just do what you do best – love on those kid and they will be changed.”
Well, all this was so encouraging to our kids, none of whom have ever shared their faith with someone else and are so scared. I am so proud of them for coming anyway. I’m about as excited about what God is going to do in them as how they will touch others.

We begin our first ministry earl this morning. There was a pancake tent set up right across from one of the most popular bars from 12:00 til 3:3:30 a.m. Some of us were just mingling with those eating pancakes and connecting with them The others of our group were on the van, trying to build relationships with those who ride with us to and from the pancake feed. We also provided rides for those coming out of Louie’s Bar.

Tomorrow afternoon we will be at the (Professional) sand sculpture, again trying to build relationships with those who stop by to watch. Pray that the students will be able to converse comfortably and, if God’s spirit so leads, transition to talking about what Christ means to them.

Thank you so much for holding us up from where you are. You’ll never know how much that means.”


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